The kilt: Need I say more?

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Crossfit fashion, Crossfit Lifestyle
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Where do I begin? Seriously, is there any better workout get-up for guys than a kilt?

Every sport has its uniforms and gear. Some of it is best left worn to the pros, such as Speedos. But Crossfit is a mashup of fashion train wrecks. I’m thinking argyle knee-highs and Converse high-tops. kilt Tats and Hello Kitty wrist wraps (I have both). And how about all those double-entendres about snatches and jerks on t-shirts? Pretty clever, huh? NOT!

So, when The Crossfit Games posted this pic on its Facebook page today and I started breathing again, I unilaterally decided upon The Kilt as the official Crossfit uniform for guys.

They look like they’re comfortable – and functional. Mel Gibson sure did a lot in his. Okay, maybe they wouldn’t work so well for hand-stand push-ups and rope climbs but overall – the kilt is da bomb.

All guys look hot in kilts. It is the  anti-Speedo.

Women love kilts and it’s not because we’re wondering what’s under them. We know. For some reason a guy in a kilt – which is basically half of a Catholic school girl’s uniform – is something to behold.

And I’d like to be beholding a lot more kilts during our competitions. So, how about your box picks its own tartan and all the guys where their box’s kilt when competing. I’d watch that. I might even video that and watch it again. And again…

July 9: Many thanks to RMS for sharing photo of the guys at Crossfit Rubicon. Totally proves my point!Kilt dudes

  1. TKO says:

    I say we put Matt and Tommy in one this weekend

  2. Melinda says:

    Yes please, kilts are so HOT!!!

  3. RMS says:

    I agree! Here’s a pic of my husband, Jason (l), and our box owner, Chef (r), CF Rubicon, Vienna, VA

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