Livin’ the logo

The one-armed handstand is the logo of Crossfit Cityplace – CFCP – in West Palm Beach, Fl. Coach/owner Matt Brewster created the craze when one Matt LTL day he just up and LTL Logo decided to do a one-armed handstand on a kettle bell. Next thing you knew, everyone was trying to do it (sans kettle bell).

At first, we did our one-armed handstands against the blue wall at CFCP. Then, we started doing one-armed handstands on our vacations. Soon, we were doing one-armed handstands whenever and wherever we felt like it. From Key West to somewhere in Russia, we did our one-armed handstands. And we called it “Livin’ the Logo.”

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are photos of us “Livin’ the logo.”

Tommy LTL Thoams LTL Steve LTL Madonna LTL LTL SNOW LTL Rose LTL Chicago HB LTL

LTL with Jaws

LTL with Jaws

I'm Livin' the Logo in Key West!

I’m Livin’ the Logo in Key West!

Lisa LTL Justin LTL LTL5 Thoams LTL Matt R LTL LTL Angela LTL Linda LTL Shane LTL LTL4 Edilia LTL Joe G LTL Tondi LTL Miles LTL Adam LTL Jackie LTL Coach Brit LTL Ashley LTL Erika LTL Ali LTL Madonna LTL Tommy LTL LTL in LV Coach Matt in Miami HB LTL Triple LTL LTL Bahamas Wow LTL Nathan LTL Nick LTL Chase Field lTL2  LTLRussia LTL Rose LTL Armando Steve LTL LTL Heinz Field LTL Chicago LTL Southhills LTL in Steamboat Springs Madonna Times Suare

  1. laura eiman says:

    Love this page Christine ~ Caddy’s mom in Boston.

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